Customise your car at a Tesla Authorized Body Shop

Everyone wants to own a car. Having a car is a symbol of wealth and even luxuries. Owning one which is among the most luxurious of the cars if the dream of everyone. Even if you cannot afford a car and in urgent need of one due to the occurrence of some family functions or even because you now have a big family, you can go for the option of loan or even can go for the option of renting a car for a short duration of time.

More about it

There are many brands in the world of luxurious cars such as Mercedes, Aston Martin, Ford, BMW and then there is Tesla. Tesla, a company owned by Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, is well known for its magnificent production in the world of cars. It is very well known for its hybrid vehicles. A hybrid vehicle is a type of vehicle that uses two or more distinctive type of power, such as a vehicle working on a combustion engine in addition to an electric motor. In many cases, the combustion engine is used to drive an electric generator that creates power for the electric motor. The most common example of such type of vehicles is diesel-electric trains which uses diesel engines that drives an electric generator to generate the power for an electric motor or a submarine that uses diesel fuel when surfaced and batteries when submerged.

Why are hybrid vehicles better?

Well, the most basic advantage of the working of a hybrid vehicle that led to the use of two or more than two distinct power sources is that different motors work at different speeds, even an electric motor is more efficient at producing torque or turning power while the combustion engine is better for maintaining high speeds. Being able to switch among the two power sources at the perfect time leads to better use of fuel and thus, more energy-efficient and even yields even better results in terms of power and speed.

Being able to work on two energy sources, a hybrid vehicle yields better efficiency in terms of fuel and is even more eco-friendly than any other type of vehicles. They emit less Carbon dioxide. In terms of cost, hybrid vehicles might be a little costlier than any other vehicle. Still, they get the benefits of lower first-year road tax and even company car taxes, making a little relaxation in the overall prices and even avoids the congestion charges.

What are customised cars?

As the name signifies, customised cars are the cars that are customised, that is they are no longer the vehicles that were bought originally from the brand or the cars that are known for their brands. A customised car has many advantages; you can make your car better, more fuel-efficient, better in terms of energy-saving any many more. You can also increase its power, its speed and the overall performance of a car. Customising a car has many options, you can go for customising the body of the car, you can go for a piece of newer equipment, you can change the engine, the power source and many other options. Although, it might sound like ruining your car but has proven efficient every time in a customised car.

Why should one customise his car?

Well, the option of customising a great car at once might sound like a blunder for many people but indeed is not. While customising a car, you can increase its performance. Although, customising a new car might not seem a good idea as you will be ruining the original model of the car, customising a car that is old or even is not working properly or at all will be a better option. This will eventually make the car new and even better than most of the cars in your neighbourhood.


So, if you have not tried it yet, why not give a shot in customising your old car at first and then, go for increased performance. You can also try the Tesla authorized body shops for customising the body of your car; this can be available at some of the Tesla Service center near your place.