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We’ve spent years training and even more years building a rapport and craftsmanship that would cause us to be known as the Official Roofers of Tampa. With each opportunity we receive, Tampa Roofing strives to provide the quality and reliable home repair we know you are seeking. We are the best on the market; ask our past and present clients! Providing complete restoration home improvement, we deliver jaw-dropping services to:

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And surrounding areas…

Residential Roofing

Full-service residential roofing encompasses roof repair, installation, upgrade, and roofing leads. Homes can need repair due to a variety of factors including but not limited to, roof damage caused by roof repair, leaks, rust, moisture or water that remains on roof for prolonged periods of time, and cracking, peeling and blistering of roof components. Oftentimes, you can detect that your roof needs repair or replacement if you see shingles or tiles fall off of the roofing structure, bubbling of paint on the ceiling indicating water leakage, discoloration of interior or exterior walls, or bowing of the roof itself. We install all types of roofing using materials such as slate and tile shingles, asphalts shingles, flat, metal, and more. If you are having constant troubles with your roof or are just in the market for a new one, consider upgrading your roof with Tampa Roofing!

We offer all the latest equipment and technology that inevitably lowers the repair costs down the line and instantly saves you money with energy efficiency. We upgrade residential roofs to Davinci Roofing—which is the most durable synthetic roofing material that comes with a lifetime warranty.  For out of state requests check out our partner Good’s RoofingWe use of wood shakes and thermoplastic single-ply membrane—which are all designed to conserve energy and used from renewable resources.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing has some differences from residential roofing. Tampa roofers are experienced in the application and maintenance of both. With commercial roofs however, the surface is almost always flat while residential roofs are almost always are sloped. This is important when considering the type of materials used to weather storms and weight bearing, amongst other factors. Commercial roofs often use metal but can also use of concrete, solar shingles, wood shakes, as well as ceramic, slate, tile and asphalt shingles. Alternative treatments for depression in Los Angeles.

The biggest difference from residential roofing is the obstacles that commercial roofing has. Your roofing company will need to construct around pipes, air flow systems, architecture and the like. Tampa roofers are masters in this field so your commercial roofing needs will be well taken care of. TMS therapy for depression. Commercial roofs can undergo some serious damage, especially in Tampa! High winds can cause the roofing panels to buckle. The hot Florida sun can cause shingles to blister. Water damage is an increased risk on commercial roofs due to the flat shape; rainwater has nowhere to go but to pond in one location, causing extreme moisture damage. Regardless of your roof type, or whether you have a commercial or residential roof, Tampa Roofing is here to help you gain control of your roof through regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning, warranties and accurate inspections along with rock-solid workmanship. Our aim is to do the job right, right away and avoid the pitfalls later. For other help with roofing leads check this website out.


Did you know that a well-insulated building could save you up to 19% on your next heating and cooling bill? That’s the skinny on insulation provided by Energy Star! Areas to insulate and seal off air tend to be the attic, basement, crawlspace, windows, doors and walls. Certain types of roofs, like metal and green roofs offer increased air sealing, making the temperature within the below room more comfortable. This way, you aren’t tampering with the thermostat which may cause the HVAC people to come out and charge you in excess. You don’t need it! Just call Tampa Roofing, your preferred insulation contractors, to properly insulate your home and save money TODAY!
We can insulate your entire home or building using fiberglass insulation or cellulose insulation techniques, which is a spray foam that halts unwanted airflow. Comparatively, cellulose insulation is the most green as it is less harmful to the human body. We also offer the most affordable, sustainable and energy efficient sealant called Blow-In-Blanket Insulation System (BIBS). BIBS is a seamless insulation system and can only be installed by those certified for its use. Tampa Roofing settles only on the best, so ask about our BIBS building insulation system when you call us.


Siding is a major component of the beauty of your house or commercial property. It’s also the forerunner in protecting and sealing your house from unwanted airflows. It’s like the “face” of your building! Just as we get older, our face shows the signs of aging. This is true with siding as well. Sometimes, we cause our edifices to age by improper maintenance, and then sometimes it undergoes natural damage due to sun exposure, high winds, peeling paint, cracked surfaces, and mold buildup due to excess moisture. Regardless of the reason why your “face” looks like it is melting, it is, without question, imperative to secure a dedicated roofer to fix or maintain your siding! We offer some of the best brands and we facilitate the use of fiber cement siding and insulated composite siding. These types of siding have high R-values (which denote a measurable thermal resistance) and can come in many colors for that home-model look. Whether you need new siding, re-siding, siding installation or repair, Tampa Roofers can help you choose the right process for your residential or commercial space.

Insurance Claims

Paperwork: probably the most feared task a human has to process on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. We make it easy by working with you and your homeowner’s insurance company to dwindle down the work YOU have to do. That’s what WE are here for! When damaged roofs qualify for coverage from your insurance, the first hurdle was leapt successfully.  You have less to worry about now that the cost to repair is covered. But what about documentation and filling the claim and even finding out what your insurance will cover? Tampa Roofing comes out to take detailed pictures of your building’s damage to increase the likelihood of coverage. It is best to keep “before” photos of your home, as this can only increase your case. Home assessments like this are FREE and handled with a fine-tooth comb. Because we want every service offered within our company to be official, we also have Certified Public Adjusters at your disposal. These adjusters will deal directly with your insurance company and process the insurance claims on your behalf. And because we offer emergency roofing service, you never have to wait on damage estimation, which could prolong or deny your coverage. Think FAST, and call us before it’s too late!

Storm Damage

Damages to your roof and building from a storm is so degrading to not only the structure of your edifice but also to you and the community. It’s a frightful occurrence that can leave you feeling sour. While we can’t control the storms, we can impact how you deal with it. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service your storm restoration needs. If we can’t get to you immediately, be sure to document any and all damage to your home or building by taking pictures. Prevent further damage by covering windows and doors that have been blown out or damaged and ALWAYS stay out of harm’s way. If you feel it is a dangerous situation, it probably is! Hail storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, high winds and other accidental damage are all possibilities. We are skilled in cleaning and restoring your home or office to its natural state, giving you back the comfort you have become accustomed to.  We can conduct an entire demolition and renovation of your home or just patch up damaged sections using proper machinery and proper fitting materials. In other words, our work will never resemble a botched Frankenstein project but we promise your new house will come to life!
Quite agonizingly, plenty of fraudulent contractors take it upon themselves to swindle you and your insurance company out of thousands of dollars during times of distress. Be sure that your next storm damage repair specialist is licensed in your city, can provide references of past storm damage work performed, and are not all too eager to secure services by shoving “sign here now” contracts down your throat. Here at Tampa Roofing, we remain calm and professional and use integrity and sympathy during the entire storm restoration process.